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Lost something in water? Want it back? I can help.

Search and Recovery diving is not guaranteed, but it is much more accurate and has better returns than sweeping with a magnet or snorkelling.     

Whether you want a simple inspection of your mooring (see below) or a check of an underwater structure, I can help.

NSW Mooring Permit holders

Pursuant to Section 67ZA(2)(a) of the Ports and Maritime Administration Regulation 2012 (NSW) you must keep your mooring "suitable to secure the vessel occupying the mooring in that location and meet the standards set by Transport for NSW" Getting a Mooring pulled or having a diver check it will meet that.

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Wreck in the Sea

Accidents happen, things sink and vehicles leave the road. Once the dust has settled and everyone is safe, you should then be thinking about how to get your property out of the water for a number of environmental, legal and safety reasons. Cars, boats, shipping containers - none are easy to bring back to the surface but it must be done.