Image by Vlad Tchompalov

Recreational search and recovery is fine for most things except for recovery deeper than 30 metres, recovery in low/no visibility situations and forensic recovery (recovery of items to be used as evidence in civil/criminal proceedings).

When you are faced with these situations, you need a diver who is experienced diving in cold, low light/visibility and hazardous situations trained to handle evidence, bodies and hazardous materials.

If you have lost a phone in the ocean, my advice is to forget it. The cost of me going after it will be more expensive than replacing an android and in any case, it will likely not be repairable. If you have lost something of high sentimental or fiscal value though, that is when a diver can be of assistance. With underwater metal detectors, pneumatic lift equipment and the ability to recover with tow trucks/cranes, I can help recover any object you have lost in the ocean.